As a technology partner of Seal Maker, we process and distribute their high-quality Materials products. Thanks to its modern manufacturing technology, Seal Maker is able to optimally cover the broad spectrum of sealing applications. Seal Maker’s in-house laboratory enables state-of-the-art research and development work. Every single semi-finished product is subjected to strict quality control.

Currently, more than 40 different materials are available. In addition to a wide range of stocked standard dimensions, special dimensions are also available in all materials and at short notice.

PU | NBR | EPDM | FPM | TFE/P | SILICONE | POM | PA | PTFE | and many more.


Seal Maker Materials products made of polyurethane are particularly characterised by their high abrasion resistance compared to elastomers.

PU 500 | PU 203


Elastomers or rubber materials are indispensable in sealing technology due to their wide range of thermal and chemical resistance.


Engineering plastics

Hard-elastic and fluorinated thermoplastics, as used for back-up and guide rings, as well as for special seals and pre-stressed seals, round off the product range of SealMaker semi-finished products.

POM / PA / PTFE / PEEK / UHMW-PE / various compounds