The optimum design of a seal requires knowledge of a wide variety of application parameters such as pressure, temperature, medium, movement, etc. In your sealing system, different influencing variables constantly act on your seal with varying intensity.

Conventional seals, often mass-produced, are usually only a compromise solution. For a long-lasting and effective functioning of a sealing system, with all the advantages of lower resource consumption, longer maintenance intervals, etc., the individually manufactured seal is now indispensable.

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INDUSTRIAL SEALS’ systems are perfectly matched to produce the right solution for your application between material selection and seal design.

Due to the modern manufacturing process and the wide range of high quality materials, you will receive our seal within the shortest possible time! Trust our application technology to be able to use even more efficient seals in the future.

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment in all our actions and have therefore had a life cycle assessment of a gasket drawn up. If you also need CO2 balances for a responsible handling of your systems, you are welcome to ask us about the contribution of our seals in it. Nevertheless, the enormous positive impact of a functioning sealing system on the environment is easy to understand but impossible to calculate.

Fem calculation

Especially in the case of unusual requirements for sealing solutions, e.g. due to extreme application parameters (pressure, temperature, speed, etc.), it is important to be able to obtain a certain degree of certainty about the function of the seal even before it is actually used.

FEA can be used to simulate a wide range of conditions in operation and also to illustrate the stress and strain behaviour of the materials intended for use. These material models were all determined in the laboratory and thus lead to realistic results.