Seals used in turbines and valves

Guide vanes

Our customized sealing solutions which are used at guide vanes, are usually made of state of the art polyurethane materials.

Outstanding abrasion resistance of our polyurethane grades in comparison to conventional elastomeric materials, will lead to a much longer lifte time especially when facing high sediment flow or glacial polish.

Our special engineered sealing solutions for different sizes and operating conditions will help to achieve long operating production cycles at your Kaplan- and Francis turbines.

Rotor blades

Very durable seals are necessary at rotor blades.

Therefore rotor blade seals are made of high quality polyurethane.

A broad variety of housings could be served with ideal sealing solutions due to our flexible production method and our state of the art machine outfit.

No leakage or zero leakage for a better environment as a result of our customized sealing solutions!

Spherical valves

Spherical valve seals are used at operating pressure up to 200 bar.

Misalignments caused by deformations of the mobile rings must be balanced by our customized sealing solutions.

Engineered sealing systems used at mobile rings and trunnions will secure a reliability of operation.

Easy installation of our special seals is another benefit.

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Butterfly valves

Butterfly valve seals are operating at system pressure below 100 bar.

Seals for butterfly valves are mounted at the valve flap.

Endless or split seals could be used at turbine inlets, pump valves or safety valves.

Easy installation of our special seals is another benefit.

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Large diameter seals > 1.800mm are realized through our modern welding technology.

In hydropower industry large diameter seals (> 1.800mm) are commonly used.

Easy installation of welded seals are a big benefit in general.

Disassembly work will be reduced to a minimum, thanks to our welding technology.

Mechanical properties of welded seals compared to endless seals are nearly similar.

As an additional service welding and assembling on site is possible on request.

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